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  • ByJuan Fisher
  • Nov 19, 2016
This really is a cool device. Almost like a hot glue gun it melts the filament- the plastic strand- and you can sculpt what you like.. After using it with her the first time she is now able to use it on her own.

  • ByErnest Williams
  • Nov 19, 2016
This pen allows you the ability to use BOTH PLA & ABS it comes with ABS filament refill We purchase kuman brand PLA. It offers a great price for the amount of filament .my son prefer PLA filament. very interesting!

  • ByGeraldine Mitchell
  • Nov 19, 2016
Although there is some error for first use, but finally we use it successful when we use it correctly.

Keep on pressing the load filament button , the red light on means the equipment is preheating. About 1.5 minutes later , the red light turn blue means the preheating finished , then the small thing can start to work. Insert the filament into the " filament import hole", long pressing the "load filament button", the filament is delivering by the inner motor. When there is material come out from the nozzle, the filament loading is success. Start Creating, enjoy it.

When you finish using, you'd better unload the filament.

  • Bysafana
  • Nov 19, 2016
I bought this pen about a month ago for my daughter's 9th Birthday and she loves it. You can easily start working with it right away and in fact she didn't want to stop!
The tip gets pretty hot but that's the first thing you'll read on the instruction paper.

  • ByN.V.D.H
  • Oct 06, 2016
My husband was like a kid at Christmas for this absolutely amazing pen. He even used it to create bridges for my 4 year old's train set. Super cool and a lot cheaper than other devices out there. Loved it!

  • ByLloyd Hayes
  • Oct 06, 2016
This thing has come in handy in so many ways. I purchased this to do some plastic repairs around the house. But I have a 3D printer and I find that I can use this pen to modify and correct mistakes that I made on 3D printed objects without having to reprint them.

  • ByMcckdale84
  • Oct 06, 2016
We bought this for our 9 year old daughter who loves art and creating things. She is in a afterschool club where they do programming and other fun things, including using 3d pens. This pen is really easy to use, even I really didn't think I could make anything 3d with this I just figured it would be a mess.

This kit includes two filament colors so you can go right to work out of the box, the charger cord, and the 3d pen itself. Once plugged in you have to choose the material you are using, PLA or ABS, then press the feed button (arrow nearest the bottom) and let the pen heat up. You then feed the material in while presseing the feed button. Once it starts coming out of the pen head you will notice you have to play with the heat settings so the material comes out at the speed of your liking. There is an included speed control to make the material come out fast or slow once it heats to the right temperature. I have added a bunch of photos to show how this arrives, what it looks like, and how to use it. It will take some practice to draw with this especially if you want to go from a 2d flat item to 3d, but there are a lot of youtube videos out there.

  • ByShutter-Man
  • Sep 26, 2016
Awesome Product
We have at home both original 3Doodler (type 1 ) and this one . Seriously - this one is better:
1) Lighter to hold
2) Easy working with the refills - handle straight / bent no problems
3) Refill are cheap ! ! this will cost you 1/3 of the cost to work with than original
4) Easier for younger kids and older (wight + Hold position) .
5) Very easy controls (flow speed)

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