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Kuman Wifi control Robot for Arduino Utility Vehicle Intelligent Robotics, Hd Camera Ds Smart Educational Kits PC iOS Android controlled SM5-1

Buy robot car, get 2pcs of Micro Servos for free.
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Technical documents as following:
Assembly Video for SM5 >>
Tutorials >>!iIFijIRT!EwBAIW85sJqXkCDytvykGw
Manual >> /u_file/1703/file/c12842477f.pdf

Key Features:
● WiFi control, video transmission, video Record function with 4 automatic freedom manipulator
● Arduino Compatible Mufti-functional WIFI smart car driver board,Compatible with Android, IOS and other smart phone and PC controller
● HD camera Two degree of freedom steering Cloud Terrace, Dynamic video resolution can be up to 640*480p ,Frame up 30F/s
● Built-in 2200mah 8A lithium battery, Support powerful and long-endurance Playing time With 12V lithium battery charger
● Through 100M kbps WIFI video digital transmission module,video resolution up to 1280*720p,5DB Increased external WiFi antenna,stronger signal,long-distance transmission

SM5-1 With Manipulator Update version packing list:
1.Arduino Compatible UNO R3 Robot Drive motherboard×1
2.WIFI Robots PWR Expansion motor driver board
3.MTK7620N WIFI Module 5.0(Jump cap*2)×1
4.Robot Link 300M 5DB Antenna×2
5.4 Degree of freedom manipulator×1
6.Manipulator expansion board×1
7.Manipulator power cord×1
8.Manipulator Steering gear extension line×3
9.9G Steering engine×2
10.Metal track Chassis×1
11.Pan nylon pieces×1
12.720P Camera×1
13.2200mAh 12V 8A battery×1
14.12V Charger×1
15.Nylon column×8 16.15cm Wire(electric motor use)×4
17.USB Cable×1
18.Without cap screw M3*20
19.Screw Cap M3×20
20.MICRO MINI USB transfer Network port Cable×1
21.Nylon band (fixed battery)×3
22.For arduino board Download cable×1
23.Driver DVD×1

The kit comes with arm.
Module factory has built in a good program, you just need to assemble together ,then start playing!  
Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByRoberto Fernandes Junior
  • Apr 18, 2017
Hi , I a Control Engineer and im interested on this robot, i work also with teaching kids in all kind of projects
And to see what components are used in this project
Kuman Wifi control Robot for Arduino Utility Vehicle Intelligent Robotics, Hd Camera Ds Smart Educational Kits PC iOS Android controlled SM5-1

  • ByAlex Thiel
  • Apr 10, 2017
I got this robot so that I could work on SLAM algorithms for navigating around my house. My ultimate goal is to pick up trash from the floor and take it to a trash can. I think it's a great little machine, the wifi board is easy enough to work with, and I do all of my algorithms from my desktop so I never run into processing issues. The arm could be a little longer, but that depends on your needs. Overall it's a great kit for makers everywhere.

  • ByJim M.
  • Apr 10, 2017
This thing is cool! It’s really well made and sturdy. It was packaged well, and was very easy to assemble. I love the robot arm! His name is Larry (named by my daughter) and he is a fun addition to the house.
I actually expected it to be more difficult or involved to build, but it was pretty easy, because the main chassis with the treads and motors comes ready to go in the box. It took me just a couple of hours to build. The instructions were a little bit confusing, because there were instructions for a couple of different models in the same booklet. But it’s not a problem- they have videos you can look at, which are very helpful. And really, it’s not too complicated- Here’s my version: You just attach the robot arm to the front of the body, attach the camera assembly to the middle. Then you stack the boards- There are three and they stack right on top of each other. Mount the boards to the back and then plug the servos and motors in to the top board. The servos for the arm and the camera all plug in together along the same header line on the motor board. Plug the camera USB into the Wifi board and there’s another micro USB to power the wifi board. There’s a power jumper to give power to the servo board – don’t forget that one. That’s about it.
I used the Android app and the iPhone app and they both work fine. It’s definitely fun to roll around and pick up things with the robot arm. The camera quality is good, and the range is really good via the two wifi antennae. My kids have loved controlling it and it just looks cool rolling around the house. The dog is still making friends with Larry but they are getting there.
I haven’t gotten the PC control software working, but the mobile apps worked fine. One other thing was that one of the servos had somehow gotten its wires pulled out. Not a problem, I just unscrewed the servo and re-attached them. That was the only time I used my soldering iron in the entire build.
It has been fun playing with this as-is, but I think the real value of this kit is the potential for building on it. The chassis is strong, so you can add extra things to it. I plan to replace the Arduino-style brain of this robot with a Raspberry Pi. Then I can get in and do some more advanced programming. I plan to add some other sensors, and a microphone and speaker.
Easy build overall. No soldering needed.
Strong, solid chassis – can hold additional components later.
Robot arm has 4 servos for great control.
Easy to modify and add on later.
PC software was giving me some trouble.
This is a great package- well-built and easy to assemble. It’s a nice size and the robot arm is awesome. If you shop for just a tank tread chassis like this by itself, they aren’t cheap. Same with a stand-alone robot arm. So overall I think this kit is very cool. And as mentioned, my main excitement about it relates to future modding and adding on to it as I go.

  • Byjoel olsen
  • Feb 22, 2017
I would have to say if your curious and new to robotics and programming, you must get
*If your love tinkering you must get
*if your an inventor you must get
*the only time if you love this type of project and shouldn't get this is if you can't afford it!
I Think This Item is Worth every Penny