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Kuman Robot Car Kit for Arduino, 2 Wheel Utility Vehicle Intelligent Robotics Ds Robot Smart Car Kit Obstacle Avoidance,tracking SM2

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  • Description
This robot car is for all professional engineer fans to assemble and make second development, it is not a toy.
Designed to give the user in learning ARDUINO microcontroller can from boring theoretical knowledge, the ability to acquire SCM system developed.
Suitable for the electronic Engineers or students above 12 years old.

Key Features:
● On-board bread board fixing on the platform ,easy to Extend and second development
● Free welding installation,more than 40pcs components including
● 2in1: Robot car kit and Starter Kit for Arduino
● Infrared obstacle avoidance mould and Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance mould Infrared tracking mould to drive the robot car easily.
English Detailed tutorial including project introduction and their source code will be provided FOR FREE.Please contact us to get E-BOOK

Packing list:
1 X uno r3 Development board
1 X USB data line
1 X SMT components box
1 X LCD1602 display
1 X SG90 Steering engine
1 X Steering engine Accessories bag
2 X Non slip wheel
2 X Carbon Brush motor
1 X HC-SR04 Ultrasonic module
1 X charger
2 X 14500 Rechargeable battery
1 X Accessories bag (Brass screw)
1 X 8*8 Dot matrix
1 X 4 digital tube
1 X 1 digital tube
1 X Active buzzer
4 X Key switch
2 X Ball switch
2 X Photosensitive resistance
2 X Thermistor
1 X 74HC595Chip
1 X Intelligent car floor
2X small bread board
1 X advanced receiving box
1 X MINI Remote control
1 X Data disc
30X Colorful bread line
25 X DuPont line
1 X Universal wheel
1 X Fixed board
1 X Ultrasonic module Fixed board
1 X Steering engine Fixed board
1 X battery box
1 X Infrared receiving tube
3 X Adjustable resistance
1 X Flame sensor
5 X Plug resistance 10K
5 X Plug resistance 1K
8 X Plug resistance 220Ω
5 X red LED light
5 X yellow LED light
5 X blue LED light

Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByJoe Spencer
  • Sep 29, 2016
Hardware is easy to build, video teaching is clear. Suitable for beginners to learn Arduino. The packaging is very good.
only one of needle on the ultrasonic module is a little crooked. Tested after install, no problem. Very good design,include all sensors as well as detailed video tutorial.

  • ByThomas Boyd
  • Sep 29, 2016
Very detailed video tutorials,worth learing. My son assemble it according to the video tutorial step by step and get it work with a morning time. Learning while playing, a good item for children cognitive novelties.Microcontroller and smart cars are learned. My son loves it very much. Highly recommed.

  • ByMargaret Mitchell
  • Sep 26, 2016
the car is with Obstacle Avoidance,tracking function. basic model without APP to control. the price and function is good for beginner. I did research on amzon and this robot car looked like it was exactly what I wanted.robot car was worked after taking 1 hours installing. the instructions and video for assembling needs improvement as they were confusing and not complete.but for me, it is fine. the robot car required that you will need some engineering/programming skills.not for child or kid.