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Kuman Arcade Accessories Kit with 1 Updated Joystick,8 Push Buttons(1P/2P buttons&6 Buttons) for Arcade Video Game Multicade MAME Jamma Game QR01

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● Used in a new Jamma Arcade Cabinet or replace the old parts.
● Arcade game DIY replace parts, built your own project for home use arcade game.
● 100% Zero Delay to make sure the parts will work perfectly!
● The update version joystick and buttons can be used in many kind of machines needed,also suitable for all the projects which call for parts from industry titans like Happ/Suzo.
● Brand New and High quality Kit. Microswitch with gilded contact leg,excellent electronic performance,long life,reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles

Packing List:
1) 1 pcs American Style 8 way Arcade Jamma Game Joystick.
2) 1P and 2P Player Start Button.
3) 6 pcs American style Arcade Buttons (Blue).
4) 8 pcs Micro Switches.
5) 8 pcs Fixing Rings.

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