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Kuman 3D Printer Kit Controller RepRap RAMPS 1.4 Controller Board + 5pcs A4988 StepStick Stepper Motor Driver Module + Heat Sink KY57

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Using This suite (1pcs RAMPS 1.4 Controller Board+ 5pcs A4988 Stepstick Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heat Sink on your Arduino-compatible MEGA shield for easy service,part replacement,upgrade-ability and expansion.

Key Features:
RAMPS 1.4 Controller
● Expandable to control other accessories.
● 3 Mosfets for heater / fan outputs and 3 thermistor circuits.
● Fused at 5A for additional safety and component protection
● Heated bed control with additional 11A fuse.
● Fits 5 Pololu stepper driver boards.
● Pololu boards are on pin header sockets so they can be replaced easily or removed for use in future designs.
● I2C and SPI pins left available for future expansion.
● All the Mosfets are hooked into PWM pins for versatility.
● Servo style connectors are used to connect to the end stops, motors, and LEDs. These connectors are rated for 3A, very compact, and globally available.
● SD Card add on available.
● LEDs indicate when heater outputs on.
● Option to connect 2 motors to Z for Prusa Mendel.

● Simple step and direction control interface.
● Can interface directly with 3.3 V and 5 V systems.
● Over-temperature thermal shutdown, over-current shutdown, and under-voltage lockout.
● Six different step resolutions: full-step, half-step, 1/4-step, 1/8-step, 1/16-step, and 1/32-step.
● Adjustable current control lets you set the maximum current output with a potentiometer, which lets you use voltages above your stepper motor's rated voltage to achieve higher step rates.
● Intelligent chopping control that automatically selects the correct current decay mode (fast decay or slow decay)
● 45 V maximum supply voltage.
● Built-in regulator.(no external logic voltage supply needed)

Packing List:
● 1 x RAMPS 1.4 controller board
● 5 x A4988 Stepstick Driver
● 5 x Heat Sink
Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • Bydave
  • Oct 31, 2016
Very good value for money. How you go about connecting it is pretty much up to you as there are no instructions (for me that wasn't necessary). Still, you can always use the web to find these things out and that can only add to the fun.
Good value kit

  • ByAlec J. Davidson
  • Oct 31, 2016
Everything was exactly what I was expecting. Everything works exactly how it was intended. This is a very useful product at a very nice price point. I'm currently using it in a 3D printer and the board is driving the motors as intended. The amount of time it took to get here was impressive as usual.

  • ByBenjamin J Wenger
  • Oct 31, 2016
I've gotten a couple RAMPS 1.4 boards from different sellers and this one was by far the best. the additional 12v header pins were soldered on, all the headers for the stepper drivers were straight (amazing how often that doesn't happen) and it came with everything I needed. If you're looking to break into using a RAMPS, this is the way to go. its cheap and effective.

  • ByMichael
  • Oct 31, 2016
I am building my own 3d printer, and needed these electronics to run it. I went with this kit for two specific reasons over several other sellers: first, I already own an Arduino Mega, which this requires to continue (the arduino is included in other kits), as well as an LCD screen I can use for the printer's display. So I didn't want or need a kit that had those pieces included, and the price of this kit reflects that. Second, I was wary of ebay offers where parts don't fit right.

If you have never used these boards, it is a set of 5 smaller circuit boards that drive the stepper motors (3 for movement, 1 for your extruder, and a fifth in case you either have dual extruder drivers or are building a prusa mendle which has two vertical axis motors). These all fit into VERY tight slots on the larger board. If the tolerances in those smaller boards are off, they won't all fit side by side. In my kit, they fit fine, with no modifications required!

Some extra bonuses: the green terminal is a removable jumper, so you can wire it and then later quickly and easily disconnect power. Second, the heat sinks, while advertised and expected, were still nice because the motor drivers get hot under load. Third, there were plenty of jumpers in a baggie for my uses/needs.

Booted up, this is working as expected. I'm still building the printer but it connects to my motors and arduino great!