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Kuman 2.4G Wireless Mini Keyboard for Google Android Raspberry Pi Devices (Smart TV, TV Box, HTPC, PC, Notebook Pad and Other) Backlit mode #SC13

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> This is a 2.4GHz Mini Wireless QWERTY keyboard, TouchPad combo, with USB interface available for presentation and operate PC wireless With backlight function, use at night without obstacle.
> Change slides and screen options, write on the screen, emphasize words and objects just by using this wireless mini keyboard
and mouse with touchpad. Available for PC, Pad, Android TV Box, Google TV Box, etc.

Key Features:
● 2.4G Wireless keyboard + touch screen
● 2.4G wireless frequency hopping technology, high bandwidth and high stability
● Automatic sleep and wake-up function
● Multifunctional mini handheld QWERTY keyboard with multimedia control key and game control key
● The built-in rechargeable lithium battery, standby for a long time
● Support Android, Windows, Mac, OS, Linux and many other operating systems
● The control distance is up to 15M
● With backlight function, use at night without obstacle
● 3D mouse to achieve the traditional optical mouse performance: high resolution (160DPI), high speed (125 frames / sec), no drift, can achieve continuous single pixel mobile, fast moving under the precise positioning click;
● Plug and play, free drive installation, designed for Android system customization optimization, the full realization of intelligent human-computer interaction applications, enhance the user experience.
● Easy and intuitive, easy to use simple intuitive control of the attitude of the user, the new user can quickly be skilled in use, the elderly and children have no obstacle to operate;

● Wireless control chip:2.4G wireless receiver integration
● The number of keys:92 key
● Remote control distance:≧10M

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