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Kuman 16 in 1 Modules Sensor Kit Project Super Starter Kits for Arduino UNO R3 Mega2560 Mega328 Nano Raspberry Pi 3 2 Model B K62

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Key Features:
● 2016 new version total 16pcs sensor module kit, For the beginner,16 in 1 Modules Sensor Learning Package includes most projects design for those beginners and who want to know more about Arduino.
● 16 in 1 Modules Sensor Learning Package is Compatible with Arduino UNO R3 Mega2560 Mega328 Nano Raspberry Pi.
● Detailed tutorial including project introduction and their source code will be provided FOR FREE.
● Those sensors will often being used in the beginner's project.It is included Sound and Obstacle avoidance sensor,Obstacle avoidance sensor,temperature and humidity sensor,ultrasonic,A path tracing module and infrared human body induction sensor.
● Detailed tutorials including project introduction and source code CAN BE PROVIDED FOR FREE,contact us BY Email to get documents.

Packing List:
1) DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor module x1
2) HC-SR501 infrared human body induction module x1
3) DS1302 real time clock module x1
4) The rain sersor module x1
5) Sound sensor module x1
6) HC-SR04 ultrasonic sersor x1
7) The flame sensor module x1
8) KY-008 laser head sersor module x1
9) Photosensitive resistance sensor module x1
10) The YL-69 soil moisture sensor x1
11) Obstacle avoidance sensor x1
12) Vibration sensor module x1
13) MQ-2 gas sensor module x1
14) 315M super regenerative module x1
15) The tilt sensor module x1
16) A path tracing module x1
Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByDog Boarder
  • Nov 12, 2016
I was able to purchase this item for my son. He's quite snobbish about electronic materials and is very vocal if things are of shoddy quality. Here is what he had to say about this kit: The 16 in 1 sensor kit is a great kit because 1) all the sensors that it comes with are the top of the line sensors. (His explanation of this was that there are different types of certain sensors and the ones included are the most current.. For example, the ultrasonic distance sensor is the HC-SR04, which is the top of the line sensor ans better than the HC-SR04. 2) The parts and components are very durable and will not easily break when soldering them. 3) The 16 sensors it comes with are very good ones, those you would use every day. They haven't slipped in cheaper, less useful sensors in like a "grab bag" fashion. They're all things an Arduino tinkerer would need to buy and use. Overall, he was thrilled to receive this and I have won mother-of-the-year for buying it for him. AWESOME choice.

  • ByShivam Sahni
  • Nov 12, 2016
I purchased this kit as soon as I saw it. It has so many sensors that I've been looking for to build my Arduino projects. One of the good things is that if you contact the seller they provide you source code and extra information that they provide via email. All the sensors that it comes with are the top of the line sensors. The parts and components are very durable and will not easily break when soldering them.The 16 sensors it comes with are very good ones, those you would use every day. I would definitely recommend it to anyone as a must have if you are an Arduino enthusiast or otherwise.

  • ByPocketmouse
  • Nov 12, 2016
This is a fantastic addition to my growing electronics program at my school! My students started with the Kuman basic starter kits, and then moved on to more complicated projects, requiring a variety of new components. This kit is the newest addition to the project kit being used by one of my middle school girls. She has a very serious interest in pursuing a career in electronics and science, and this sensor kit, combined with her starter kits, is enabling her to complete a variety of great experiments. The enclosed sensors can detect temperature, humidity, sound, light, Infrared, motion, as well as bluetooth.

My student found getting started with this set to be complicated. Unlike the basic starter kits, which allow you to find projects easily online, she had difficulty figuring out what exactly to do with these. The enclosed packing slip says that we can email for detailed tutorials, but does not include the email readily on the slip. I did a little bit of poking around on the internet, and this seems to be the best address for contact and problem solving: [...] . It does seem to be a pretty comprehensive site, but I don't readily see the contact information to email for the tutorials, project instruction, and source code listed on the packing slip as available. I shall update this review once I find it.

In general, we have found these products to be fantastic! We have had no problems with failing components, although we have not even come close to testing everything! One thing that would make this kit (and others, as well) better, would be an enclosed pictograph that identifies what each of the components are. It is available as a picture on the Amazon site, where I bought it, so I took photos of it, and I'll get those to to my students - but that's sort of lame. How difficult would it be to get a packing list that includes pictures?

Each of the components come packaged in their own tiny zip lock bag, and then enclosed in a nice hard case. It is a great way to store and protect the components! I have to say, these Kuman kits are a wonderful addition to my classroom! I love seeing my students engaged in independent learning in a STEM related field. I look forward to continued expansion of this program in my classroom.